Does Customer Service really matter to you or is it just down to price?

Did you know that 36.66% of you will not read this up to the end?

Brides to Be’s, is your search for your wedding day suppliers a lot like changing the tire on a moving car?

I really can’t think of a better analogy, especially given today’s fast changing social media environment where everyone is trying to beat Facebooks new Algowhatsits (which I thought was a new breakfast cereal)………..but anyway!

As I’m sure you know, with all these changes, it’s been a rough ride for businesses in all sectors of the wedding market!
And guess what, we are all still here competing for your £££’s!

As Brides to Be, you see thousands of posts……..which ones catch your attention?
If you’re reading this, I’m doing something right!

Many posts are now ignored because we (as wedding vendors) have to catch a Bride to Be’s attention while you are looking at adverts on how to cook a chicken in a wellington boot rather than a traditional oven or be overwhelmed with 5 minute tips that you would need 12 hours to complete and also require an online degree in Facebookology!

Well, we have news for you, at Alan Watson Photography, we like to do things in an old fashioned way, we don’t compete for every post on here, a lot of the time we don’t fit into people’s budgets or we don’t fit into a certain style but we are always happy to advise couples on “who to go to” for a great service.

That’s the way it should be, great communication, great service and also great advice – not just trying to get the job for the sake of “look at me, I’m doing 12 weddings this weekend” – How can that be of great service to any couple……..and you’re right, its nowhere near the service you should expect and get.

We as wedding vendors should all be taking a genuine interest in the couple, finding out about them and doing what’s best for them on their special day.

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