Honestly folks, this is not just “Click Bate” – this is a serious question for all wedding vendors out there and of course information for Brides to Be.

In the past few months we have had a couple of “Brides to Be” come back to us gave us the same reason (the wording was almost exactly the same) as to why they didn’t require our services any longer.
So, having an enquiring mind, I posted this on a small “private” Scottish Wedding Vendors forum and found that 2 other businesses similar to mine had “almost” exactly the same wording from their Bride to Be.

I’d be interested to know if anyone else has been hit by this……….Oh and just to let “them” know, we now have a really good idea of who this is!
So our advice is…….It’s time to stop this or at least come up with something new!

For your information, this is what I put on the forum – just in case they read this page too!

***** Question for Vendors *****

Has any vendor (apart from the ones who have already been in touch) received something very similar to the following?

“Hi there, just to let you know, I’ve just found out that (insert relation) has totally surprised me and bought me (insert services) and I don’t have the heart to tell them I had you booked.
So because of that, I won’t be needing you on (insert date) for my wedding.
As you know times are tough at the moment and there’s still a bit of time for you to fill my date, I was wondering if I can have my deposit back”?

We were already aware of “companies” (if we can call them that) that will have no hesitation in contacting Brides to Be even after they have booked with someone and offer them cheaper services……just to get “the job”.
This is certainly something we don’t condone and appreciate that in this age of digital everything, Brides to Be have a choice of thousands, if not tens of thousands of photographers/videographers and competition for some is getting tougher and tougher.

Yes, we all know it’s the money they’re after, but wouldn’t you rather have someone who regarded your wedding as a “special occassion” rather than a job?

I hope this makes even more people aware of what’s been going on and possibly will continue (they don’t have morals) – This is the most important day in a couples lives and shouldn’t be left to the lowest bidder.

Remember, it’s not quantity but quality that counts!