As a photographer – If I can offer you one piece of advice……..wear sunscreen……no, wait, that was something else!
Help your photographers……Yes, that’s it………..(these are only my humble suggestions – some may have other ideas) and I know they will………….. this is from years of dealing with people and of course my own meandering experience!
Lots of photographers are booked online now – some Brides never meet their photographers until the big day! (What if you don’t like them?)
Why hand over your hard earned money to someone you don’t like? Get to know your photographer……..more on this later!

We always try to offer a pre-wedding shoot, sometimes it just can’t be done due to timings, locations etc. But, if you can manage it and offered, grab it with both hands.
If you can, ask your photographer for a pre-wedding shoot…this will get you used to being in front of the camera and also let your photographer explain their reasons for doing it……if they are a professional, they should know the (main/real) reasons behind it (they may also make some up) – but you might just be surprised by what they tell you!
If they offer a free pre-wedding shoot…………….(always remember nothing in life is free).

My Advice for Brides-to-Be (My meandering experience bit)

  1. Make a “Must Have” list of group shots that you want, that will help your photographer organise your day quicker and easier.
    I always suggest 8 – 10 group shots maximum (the more formal family ones).
    Some families require more – those with extended families etc. This does take up more of your time…not the photographers, your time!
  2. Give copies of the “Must Have” list to The Best Man, Ushers and anyone you trust that knows both sides of the family. (sober people are generally always a good idea!)
    This simple little trick can and will save you an amazing amount of time on the day.
    No matter how much you like your photographer, you don’t want to spend the day with them, you want to spend your day with your friends and family, your photographer can then get the more relaxed images.
  3. Think about the older generations too – spend a little time with them and make sure you have photos taken with them…(it can be more relaxed) I’m not trying to be depressing here but you never know just how long they are going to be around. As everyone says, families only meet up at weddings and funerals.
    If you know it’s difficult for them to move or stand – easy, we just move to them! I like to make a fuss of the older generation and mostly they enjoy it too!
  4. (One of my favourites) Start thinking now about your first dance……you know who you are going to dance with, you know your song and just how long it lasts – some people are uncomfortable dancing for a length of time in front of guests, so why not have a list with who you want each member of your Bridal Party to dance with….make a list and ask your Chief Bridesmaid/Maid of Honour to organise the couples/groups on your behalf – it can be organised in time before the first dance starts. Get them to stand together at the first dance rather than go looking for each other during it.
    Remember to keep your DJ/Band and photographer/videographer informed of this and Invite your DJ/Band to ask the parties onto the dance floor, it looks great and sounds much more professional.
    Why do it this way?
    Well, every now and then, we have in the past had Brides organising this from the dance floor, pointing and shouting…doesn’t look great on camera and pretty bad on video too!
    We always want to provide you with amazing images and if done this way, you can relax a bit more and enjoy your first dance as a married couple surrounded by the ones you love.
    Also, Father/Daughter dances……….think of a funny or quirky something that happened to you when you were young, talk about it, conversations during dances are amazing to capture on camera!

Do not worry about your phone (or anyone else’s) – put it away somewhere safe…….just enjoy your day!
You can check Facebook etc the following morning (over breakfast) and enjoy your day all over again!

I honestly do hope these tips help you or maybe even your photographer. Thank you for taking the time to read to the end.

If you like Alan Watson Photography and would like to know if we have your wedding date free, contact Alan now – we do tend to get booked up early!