Brides Groups – Are they worth it?

For a good few years now, I’ve been a wedding photographer and attached myself to “Bridal Page Groups” in one form or another on Facebook….I have to say that some have been quite forward looking and helpful and some…..Oh dear, the less said about them the better!
Most groups will have 100’s of photographers and other suppliers offering themselves up for a booking, never having spoken to or with the potential client, I’ve done this myself but honestly do feel that you have to meet with the Bride to be or the Couple if at all possible, to get a feel for what they want and to be honest, do they fit into your style of photography – are we both a good fit for each other? Meet up, it only costs a coffee and could save you paying out a fortune…..
Now, I do have to say that pricing does very much come into this. Some photographers with a 9-5 job and take his wedding photography as a hobby and the money he or she makes is just “beer money” they don’t have to care as much as it’s not their full time job! So, buyers beware, find out about your photographer, trust me, it’ll be worth it in the long run.
Back to Bridal Groups – Are they worth it??? Well, for some things, yes you get a good deal, if you’re looking for “Bridal Support” you’ll also find that there too but again I’ve seen Brides to Be asking for legal advise…..on a FB Group, yes a FB group and asking for legal advise, I’m not saying it’s wrong, maybe just not the best place for said Legal Advise….but you will get lots of advice, most of it conflicting with the person above or below your comments – so again, beware!!!
Well, that’s about it from me just now, hopefully you’ll get something from the groups? Even if it is just support from someone who is going through or has gone though the same thing as you.
The best of luck with your planning and if I can be of any help, please just contact me either through this website or through my Facebook page – or

Bride and Groom facing each other