Destination Wedding Photography

There are many couples out there in the world seeking to tie the knot. And nowadays destination weddings and destination wedding photography are more in trend then the local weddings at local places or churches.

Destination weddings are really exciting but it’s important to note that what does that mean for a photographer and how it is changed for a photographer? There are more ways of bridal shoots also,

So, here are some tips in this article for the destination wedding photography helpful for those who are going to shoot there the first time.

Have a Personalized Pricing Structure Each Time

While you are in destination wedding photography, you will have different prices, services, and costs each time. This is because they are paying for your travel fees, transportations, and accommodations every time.

And your clients do have more personalized wedding collection than what you offer your local clients.

Because it can variate according to the situation so and according to clients needs so you have a great flexibility in your mind.

Need More Paper Work In order to Avoid Hassle

Destination weddings need more paper work and preparations than local weddings. Because you have to go to a totally new place you never had photographed before.

You might have to apply for a tourist visa or exchange money on time and also reconsider your business insurance policy because you have to travel somewhere else.

Try to cover as all possible details as you can in your contract. It is a good rule to have a questionnaire and send them to your clients. So, that you can have a more insight in the requirements of your clients and if possible, do have a video conferencing platform like Skype or Facebook to talk on all important points.

Make sure to clear all points in your contract that what is included in your collection and always be clear about your terms and conditions also.

Why Destination Weddings are Trending More

Destination weddings are more in trending nowadays because of the advantages of freedom, availability and costs.

People who want to have more freedom, at these destination weddings they can get married, have a good time and honeymoon at the same spot. So, this became more exciting as they have no restrictions.

And in cost, it also can be more at a cheaper rate than the local weddings. Most of the people think that destination weddings can be more expensive than that the local weddings but the truth is that these weddings are cheaper than local weddings inclusive of the photographers.

Skills of a Destination Wedding photographer

A destination wedding photographer must be more confident, quick thinker and flexible. Because at the local weddings, the photographers are mostly familiar with the locations and the venue team.

But in the destination weddings, the locations are new so the photographer must be shrewd and confident enough to get adapted to the situation abruptly and accordingly.

So, in order to incorporate with the new cultures and landscapes, a destination wedding photographer need to be a good traveler and explorer.

Pre Planning for Destination wedding Photography

According to many destination photographers it is ideal to visit the location two or three days before the event. To get acquainted with the area, space, settings and light and to know much more about the location.

It is really very necessary to get over there before the main event and get acquainted yourself. Because it often requires deep diving in the situation that what should or may be you will need for the planning and preparation.

And if the couple has arranged a traveling agent with them than you should talk to him, as he can better guide you about the remote location for you to travel or live nearest to the hotel or place.

And you should stay at the hotel with the people which are residing there. So, you can move to the location easily.

Take Extra Gear with You

Your equipment are expensive and according to distance, you must have extra gear with you for the time of emergency. So, you should have extra gear bag with you in which can have extra camera, lenses and flashes and all necessary items in it.

Place this bag close to you always and never eyes off from it. And your all extra batteries, chargers, cables should be in this bag so that whenever you need you don’t have to look in your luggage.

And in the case, if your luggage get lost you don’t have to worry about your gear.

And at the time of checking in at the counter, you don’t have to look at your main luggage again and again.

When Should A Destination Wedding Photographer Leave

After done with the destination photography, it’s good to leave on the day or two after the wedding. So, that you can fully enjoy and relax.

And keep your memory card with you even when you are enjoying or relaxing and always keep your clients on your first priority.

So, that in the case you lose something will not cause your data to be loose.

Set Up a Website to Highlight the Destination Weddings

After you have photographed your first destination wedding, it’s really helpful to post the photographs on your website.

Writing a website blog post, it will also drive traffic to your website. Post on social media and use hashtags that are relevant to destination weddings.

Ask Your Clients for Review

Keep asking the current clients for their reviews. After sending their wedding pictures, send your email instantly for reviews and wait you can also get comments. Then share these on your social media.

It can also attract more clients and also for the current clients which can tell their relatives or friends looking for a destination wedding.


Yet Destination Wedding Photography is exciting and fun but it also needs a lot more of planning and paperwork. But if you have interest in traveling and exploring new places then this is the perfect niche for you.

These tips can help you a lot in starting and getting done with your destination wedding photography and to grow in this field.