A wee bit about me!

Boring, boring, boring……..but not too much though……

Ayrshire born and bred and what an amazing part of Scotland to live and work in.

Here wee go………How did I become a Wedding Photographer?

My Father and Uncle were Photographers and Film makers, so I was brought up with it from an early age!
At the age of 16 I joined HM Forces (Army) then after that I joined The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh….thoroughly enjoyed my time in both jobs. Then 10 years ago I started Alan Watson Photography specialising in Wedding Photography.

I really have loved all my jobs as in every one I’ve dealt face to face with people where good communication was essential,
so I guess I’m very much a “people person” and hopefully once you meet with me, you’ll think that too!

I’m really lucky that I have a job where I capture images of people during one of the happiest days of their lives!

Sports: My main sport is Rugby, I played a lot in and out of the Army……..I follow a wee bit of football……..Kilmarnock is my local club and
I follow Liverpool as my big sister lives down there and used to go to a lot of games!
One club is doing slightly better than the other at the moment though…………can you guess which one?