About Alan Watson Photography

A wee bit about me!

Boring, boring, boring stuff……..but not too much I promise……And if you don’t want to know about me and just see my prices, Click Here

Here wee go………How did I become a Wedding Photographer?

First of all I should say that I have 3 children (grown up now) and they were brought up in Edinburgh, where I was working at the time
and yes, every time I got a new camera or lens, it was, “right kids, out in the garden and smile”.
In my younger days, my Father and Uncle were Photographers and Film makers, so just like my kids, I was brought up with it from an early age!

After leaving school, I decided to join HM Forces (Army) this is why we offer a “Forces & Blue Light Discount” on all our packages – after that I worked in The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh….thoroughly enjoyed my time in both those jobs.
Then 13 years ago I started Alan Watson Photography
specialising in Wedding Photography and
here we taking images and creating memories!

Top Tip Number 2
Remind your Bridesmaids that it’s not the
3.30 race at Kempton Park and not run down the aisle!
Take it nice and slow, smile at the guests and that way,
I’ll be able to get crisp amazing shots.
And the same goes for you, nice and slow and see
the emotion on all your guests faces!

I really have loved all my jobs as in every one I’ve dealt face to face with people where good communication was essential,
so I guess I’m very much a “people person” and hopefully once you meet with me, you’ll think that too!

I’m really lucky that I have a job where I capture images of people during one of the happiest days of their lives!

Sports: My main sport is Rugby, I played a lot in and out of the Army, I also love Judo, Golf and a wee bit of Football…….Kilmarnock is my local club, so I feel obliged to follow them…..I follow Liverpool as Ailsa, my sister lives down there and we used to go to a lot of games!
One of these clubs are doing slightly better than the other at the moment though…………can you guess which one?