It’s all about LOVE

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Well here we are in another lockdown and we have to try and keep our heads above the water!
It’s been a while since I last blogged so having time on my hands I thought I’d better give it a go….
I feel so sorry for all the couples throughout this pandemic they have had to change their dates, venues, cancelled all together, which brings me on to Anna & Jim’s Wedding on the 23rd December 2020.

Anna had been in contact several times during 2020 – having to change dates several times and luckily we were able to help her each time which was great – then after having to change venue locations that’s when it struck home, getting married during this pandemic was horrible, change after change after change…..but finally Anna and Jim got a breakthrough with their original location which was Boclair House in Glasgow, they could have their wedding on the 23rd December, so they jumped at the chance.
So, there were fewer guest and Anna’s parents couldn’t attend due to ill health but Anna organised a streaming company to come in – just so all their family and friends who couldn’t attend could watch the wedding ceremony live! What a great idea.

So, we arrived at Boclair for the Bridal Prep, we were excited as Boclair is a stunning venue and we hadn’t worked there before – so it was great for us, we met the Bridal party, did the Make Up & Hair shots for everyone, then obviously, the dress, shoes and everything else that goes along with that.
We were told that the Groom and the Groomsmen had arrived, so we popped downstairs to get some photographs of them, this is when you see the beads of sweat on the Groom and Best Man!
Now after a few getting to know everyone shots, we headed back up to the Brides room where Anna was just finishing getting into her dress, so we got some nice shots of that……Then the reveal to her Bridesmaids and Flower Girls, who’s reaction was just superb.
We then headed down to the ceremony room, where Jim and the guests were waiting.
The music started, flower girls came in followed by the Bridesmaids, then the main event, Anna looked stunning as she entered the room and Jim looked stunned, how lucky was he?
The ceremony was lovely, explaining how they had met and worked together, Jim being Anna’s boss……then they decided to tell everyone that they were seeing each other so one had to change jobs within the same workforce.
There were tears, laughter, more tears and lots of smiles and then, the first kiss! Fantastic, they were married. They then signed the register, posed for photographs – everyone wanted a photograph of the happy couple!
Then it was a drinks reception followed by group photos and of course the “lovey dovey” photographs that you just have to get when you are with a couple who have gone through so much to get married!

And that was that, it does show that it’s all about Love and with Anna & Jim, it really showed.
We have to take the time to say a big Thank You to all the staff at Boclair House and all the other fantastic suppliers who played a part in Anna & Jim’s big day!