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The Kindness of Strangers

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<3 The Kindness of Strangers <3

On Sunday Sarah & Paul were married at Brisbane House Hotel and after the family group shots we were looking for a “something different” type of shot…..I had noticed a BMW motor bike in the car park but unfortunately it didn’t belong to anyone at the wedding……as we were about to head back inside, a gentleman dressed in leathers came out the hotel doors… jokingly I asked if we could borrow his bike for a few shots of the Bride & Groom…….”Certainly” he says, “let me bring it round for you”……”take as long as you like, I’m in no hurry!”.
I’m not sure the guy will ever see this image but “Thank You” for helping create a special moment during the day! 🙂
If you or anyone you know is looking for a wedding photographer, please let them know about me!
I am an independent small business and rely on word of mouth to get business, so any help is appreciated.

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