Cheap or Value for Money?

Everyone knows money is tight at the moment and of course Brides to Be are always looking for a good deal……but does that mean you’re on the lookout for a cheap photographer or would you prefer great value for money?
I like to think of it this way, the photographs from your wedding day are going to be important to you, whether it is a USB package or an Album Package, they will be important and give you memories to look back on, so do you want a cheap photographer….a “that’ll do photographer?”
If you were going to a plastic surgeon, would you be looking around for the cheapest? Probably not, you’d want one with amazing reviews and can do the job properly for you…..well at Alan Watson Photography, we don’t do plastic surgery but we do offer value for money photography and also offer stunning wedding albums and amazing prices!
We are based in Irvine, North Ayrshire and cover West and Central Scotland.
We have been to weddings as far north as Aberdeen and as far south as Liverpool……..but nowadays, we try and keep it to central Scotland as this reduces cost for wedding couples.

We love photographing weddings, we try and make everyone different, it would be so boring, every Bride and Groom are different so we want to listen to your plans for your big day, remember, it is your day and we are there as a service provide, not to tell you what to do, we will of course offer advice, but that’s what it is, advice.
Once we get back to normal, we will be contacting our couples for their free pre-wedding photography shoot, just to relax them in front of the camera, listen to my bad jokes, get a reaction from them and we capture that reaction. We try and make your day fun as well as capturing those Lovey-Dovey moments too!
A lot of the time we will work away in the background, perhaps taking photographs of guests and others from your wedding party.

We are not cheap, I think cheap is a horrible word, it makes it sound as there’s no real value to your work, however I think you’ll find that Alan Watson Photography is excellent value for money, why not take a look at the rest of our website and perhaps download our price-list from our Investment page?

Thanks for taking the time to read through this, value for money is what to look out for, don’t go cheap!